Studying Made Simple

Transitioning from the classroom to the wards can be tough. It is expected that the ideal student not only be active and engaging on the floors, but also continue to learn independently at home. This studying is essential for succeeding on rounds and for performing strongly on the shelf examination. With a hectic schedule and a seemingly endless array of resources, it is difficult to determine exactly what to study after a long day at the hospital or in clinic. This is where Breaking Boards comes in. Developed with the busy medical student in mind, it is structured to help guide students through the various clerkships and ultimately maximize their performance on shelf exams. With a day-to-day schedule detailing what resources to study, and the time commitment needed, we hope to help students stay on track and optimize academic success. Breaking Boards also provides flexibility, customization, and ease in order to tailor the study schedule to your individual needs. We at Breaking Boards understand the hardships of third-year, as we, too, have successfully navigated this commitment. Our goal is to provide an essential resource for students, using the secrets we learned along the way, to maximize your educational experience. 

Breaking Boards makes studying simple, and paves the way to the Honor Roll. 

Scheduling as easy as 1, 2, 3

Breaking Boards is an easy tool that syncs our proven schedules with your calendar, to help maximize your potential on the Shelf Exams. We at Breaking Boards love customization: You can always add or delete a resource, change the timeline, and change your "goal grade", based on your individual needs, desires, and goals.